Pacini Pro MIG 295 Welder

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Welding device for daily mobile use.

MIG (GMAW) welding with shielding gas and electrode.

Adjustable functions and important device elements:


MIG / MAG welding machines are used for metal arc welding, in which a protective or mixed gas protects the weld against the harmful effects of oxidation. A high working speed, low warpage and clean seams, which only require minor rework, make MIGMAG welding machines particularly efficient and economically profitable.


Automatic wire feed speed. During MIG / MAG welding, the wire electrode is automatically unwound from the spool and pushed by a wire feed unit through a several meter-long hose packages to the power contact tube in the torch.


IGBT Technology for all our ST models we rely on the powerful IGBT transistors, which are used in the power engineering of our ST devices. The advantages are high blocking voltage and robustness.


MIG/MAG - power section has a stepless adjustable throttle (Inductance). This choke smoothes the welding current and changes the current rise rate to improve weld quality and precision...


MMA/ARC-Stick Electrode welding can be used under almost all conditions and therefore MMA welding can be described as a universal process in the welding industry.


Anti-Stick-function prevents sticking of the stick electrode.
In the case of a sticking of the electrode to the workpiece, the welding current is switched off.


Hotstart – automatic voltage increase at start-up for better welding results.


Smart Cooling
Fast cooling fan allows maximum power consumption and increases the operating time (ED) of the unit.


Overheating - Control (O.C. - Overheating Control).
Overheat protection starts as soon as the unit is overloaded. A yellow indicator light turns on and goes out as soon as the unit has cooled down again.


The welding machine is connected directly to the single-phase alternating current (AC) 230V (+ -15%), 50/60 Hz operation.


ST-Guard-Housing is ergonomic, robust and operationally reliable:
- Sturdy sheet steel housing, - Shock-proof, - Hard plastic formwork,
- Control panel conveniently accessible and easier to operate, - Intelligent fan guide.

3 year warranty 

Excellent quality due to fully digital inverter technology

The welding machine MIG 295 IGBT has the most advanced inverter technology IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor). The resultant special features such as high speed and precision of the control give the devices their excellent quality in welding and cutting.



Output current

45-295 A

Duty Cycle

80 % at 290 A / 100 % at 263 A

Protection type


Insulation class


Power supply

230v Single Phase


50/60 Hz

Maximal power input

41,7 A

Actual power input

32,3 A

 Warranty 3 years 

The control technology fits different
Applications and greatly improves the welding performance


MIG / MAG welding machine works with a melting welding wire, which is continuously tracked by means of a motor. In order to adjust the thrust speed, the amount of abrading filler material can be adjusted variably by the user. MIG welding uses inert, non-reactive gases, and active gases are used in MAG welding.

Voltage regulator (only for MIG MAG welding)
If the length of the electric arc changes (e.g. because the distance between workpiece and torch is increased) so the resistance of the electric arc increases. This causes less temperature to be generated in the electric arc. As a result, the wire melts slower. By increasing the voltage can counteract this temperature loss and the wire melts back to normal.


For carrying out the MIG / MAG welding, direct current sources are used which have a certain adjustable inductance or current rise rate with a defined current upper limit. In the case of welding by short arc, where the filler material is transferred dropwise under short circuits, the current rise rate and the current level must be limited in order to be able to ignite on the one hand and, on the other hand, to achieve a stable material transition through the current smoothing effect. This means that the inductance must be relatively high in the range of low electrical welding capacities. However, it must not be too high, as otherwise good ignition would worsen the ignition. However, it must not be set low because the material transfer and the seam formation deteriorate. The inductance should therefore be relatively low in the area of ​​high welding capacities. The inductance (inductance) reduces the current rise, which can lead to the fact that no more detachment by the impulse is possible. Without a choke, the current in the short circuit would rise very rapidly up to the maximum power limit of the current source and due to the extreme resistance heating at the short-circuit point lead to welding spatter.


DC direct current (german: Gleichstrom).
- For non-alloyed and low alloy steels, stainless steel, copper, brass and so on.
- Not for light metals, e.g. Aluminum suitable (no AC).




All our MIG welding machines are also suitable for MMA / E-hand welding.

Shortly before the end, the system releases the set maximum current, which prevents sticking and annealing of the electrode. In the case of a sticking of the electrode to the workpiece, the welding current is switched off. The electrode does not glow and can easily be detached from the workpiece.

Prevents the sticking of the stick electrode by short-term superimposition of the set welding current and warms up the weld seam start faster.

Overheat protection
Overheat protection goes on when the unit is overloaded. A yellow indicator light turns on and goes out as soon as the unit has cooled down again.

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