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9pcs Blind Hole Bearing Puller Set

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Drop forged, heat treated steel attachments.
Heat treated precision machined steel bolts.
Black finished and chrome plated for durability.
Removes gears, pulleys, and steering wheels.
Separates ball bearings. Including:
Slide hammer shaft 390mm/L
Hammer WG.100mm/L-2.15LB(940G)
8~10mm (5/16"~13/32")
10~12mm (13/32"~15/32")
12~14mm (15/32"~9/19")
15~17mm (9/32"~11/16")
17~20mm (11/16"~25/32")
20~24mm (25/32"~15/16")
25~29mm (1"~1-1/8")
30~32mm (1-3/16"~1-1/4")"
3 pound slide hammer with T-handle

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