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Garage Lifts

Garage Lifts

Car Lift Buying Guide

When making one of the best purchases of your life you don't want to be spending a bundle of notes only to be let down by a poor underperforming lift or a poor back up service. Here at Irish Garage Equipment we have made a checklist to help you avoid getting burned by a bad deal. Don't be a victim be an informed consumer! ...Read More


Research should be that largest part of your decision process, you need as much information about the product and the company, be wary of companies who hold back on information. Any reputable company will want to get word out about their lifts, their customer reviews and achievements. It is easy to find the information you are looking for here and keep you on the right track.

Your Garage

What is physically feasible? It's important that you measure and re-measure your garage, look at it from a different angle and perspective, check from the supplier the minimum space required for your lift. Take the floor into consideration, is it level enough, deep enough and strong enough? If you can, find someone with a similar lift nearby and take a look at theirs for space and positioning within the garage. Mark out you floor to where you plan to position the lift and drive in various vehicles to check if it will suit, ask advise from the installers before finalising on a location

Company Reputation

Do some digging beyond the marketing pitch to find out who are the company, are they who they say they are, look for online reviews and ask others in the industry for their first-hand reviews of each garage lift supplier. How long has the company been around? Well established companies will need to of had a good reputation to last in a small country like Ireland. Established lift suppliers will have a higher chance of being around to suppler a good customer service, honour warranty and replace parts.

The Right Price

This is an obvious one but make sure you get value! The cheapest is not normally the cheapest long term after taking maintenance into consideration. The most expensive is not normally the best value or quality, merely good marketing. It does help to shop around as long as you stick to a pre-determined list of specifications you need such as 3 stage legs or a H frame base.


Warranties usually come as standard with a lift. Various levels of warranties are available to include parts and/or labour. All Irish Garage Equipment lifts come with a two year parts and labour warranty for all components. Don't forget to research companies warranties to determine if it’s the real deal or an empty promise.